message-ph01-KatsutaThank you for visiting the Maxell website.

Maxell has adopted the management vision of “Supporting Smart Life Peace of mind & Cheer around person”. Guided by this vision, the Company is using its unrivaled and unique technologies to promptly develop competitive products in the Energy, Industrial Material, and Electronic Appliance and Consumer Product segments.

The advancement of IT technology has significantly changed the way of our lives. The spread and expansion of IoT (Internet of Things) and the evolution of big data analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are likely to further change the world as we know it. Maxell views these unprecedented changes in the state of society as a business opportunity. As such, the Company is making diligent efforts to establish a path for growth in accordance with these social changes.

The strengths of Maxell is in its diverse product lineup as well as the fact that the Company is developing its business in a variety of areas considering the company size. We established the areas of “Automotive”, “Home Life & Infrastructure”, and “Health & Beauty Care” and “Stable Business & Consumer” .

While our business size of these areas is still small, we will establish a strong product portfolio that can respond to the rapidly changing business environment by increasing the number of highly competitive products and services we offer and thoroughly cultivating these products and services. At the same time, guided by the foundation of onsite know-how and superior human resources that support our business, we will continue to sharpen our competitive edge through our “Monozukuri” manufacturing capabilities, which leverage our Analog Core Technologies. Furthermore, we will work to secure an appropriate amount of profits and realize sustainable business growth by providing value that brings joy to the lives of our customers.

At Maxell, we place importance on engaging in dialogue with all of our stakeholders. In order to deepen our stakeholders’ understanding of management policies and earn their trust and support, we conduct our business in a fair and transparent manner. I would like to ask our stakeholders for their continued support going forward.

June 2016

Yoshiharu Katsuta President and Representative Director