In order to comply with battery environmental regulation(regulation of mercury) in the world, we are pleased to announce to the release of SR Mercury Free battery.

The new SR Mercury Free battery are in brand new packing, which is matched with Maxell new image. The models are listed as below table.

The normal type SR (with mercury component) was discontinued Production in the end of Dec, 2017. We will sell out all current stock first until the new Mercury Free type is arrived.

We will appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please kindly contact your local Maxell sales representatives.

Models of SR Mercury Free battery

SR41SW SR44W SR521SW SR626SW SR726SW SR927W SR1130SW
SR41W SR416SW SR527SW SR626W SR916SW SR936SW
SR43SW SR421SW SR616SW SR712SW SR920SW SR1120W
SR43W SR512SW SR621SW SR716SW SR920W SR1120SW
SR44SW SR516SW SR621W SR721SW SR927SW SR1130W